2009 Western AMM Territorial Rendezvous

The 2009 AMM Western Territorial Rendezvous was located in the Glaciated region of Kansas known as the Flint Hills. The prairie here is called Tallgrass and, in the spring, portions of it may be on fire. Inhabitants do this on purpose just like the Pawnee, as fire restores this prairie. This area was a cross-roads for the trails used in the early years of westward expansion, and many of the original mountain men crossed this portion of Kansas..

Flint Hills of Kansas

Morning in camp

Main Camp Area

Beaver Sign! Waugh!!

Setting a trap by hand

Trap setting with levers

A fine set location

Skinning the beaver

Castor gland - Ready for next year!

Another requirement knocked off

A fine plew!

Preparing the hide for market

Hooping the beaver

Preparing beaver tail oil

Casing a muskrat

Afternoon ride to the creek

Sharing times with brothers

Arranging camp

Kansas creek bottoms

Making a simple snare

Primitive snare college

Paiute Deadfall

The world's greatest cook!

Side-lining the mule

Primitive fishing

Primitive cordage college

Primitive cordage college

Horse Packing 101

Travelling light - on foot

One man's gear

More time to visit

Watering the stock

A family settles into camp

Elk - Time to butcher

Butchering with flint tools

Skinning with a flint blade

Fleshing the elk hide

A good working camp

Primitive arrow making

Comparing flintlocks

A noonday visit

Hunting lodge, WFT and future WFT

Time to catch-up

Brothers from the mountains

Dusk at rendezvous







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