2012 Western AMM Territorial Rendezvous

Missouri River Brigade (MO-IA-KS)

Raising the Flag

Main Camp

Rendezvous Booshway

Booshway's Lodge

Family Portrait

Red River cart shade!

Iron Nose

A good horse camp

Rendezvous Segundo

Hunter's Ride

Trail Camp

The mounted hunters

Settling in on the trail

Old Friends...


Time to butcher

Bringing meat to camp

Marrow bones!

Stretching the hide

Making buffalo Jerky

Fleshing the hide

Trade Goods...

Silver Calumet Winner

Morning in camp

Booshway & Capitaine

Packing College

Packing brothers out...

Time to relax

A family on the move

Main Camp

Lacing a plew

A mountain man's camp!

Dinner time!







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