2016 Western AMM Territorial Rendezvous

Missouri River Brigade (MO-IA-KS)

Flags over camp

Scraping the hide

Preparing for college

Visiting with friends

Red River Brigade Booshway

Tavern & Trade Tent

Another generation....

Skinning a plew

Time to catch-up

Red River Cart

Booshway & Segundo

Out for a ride

Time to graze

Travois set-up

Ready to go....

Iron Nose!

The lodge....

Plenty to skin...

Renewing friendships

Riding through camp

Time to eat!

More time to visit

More brothers...

From canoe to horse!

Evening horse camp

Early morning chat...

Horse camp wedge...

Fleshing a beaver

Portaging canoe

Stretched deer hide

Trail camp...

Another rider

Packing for brothers

Rolling out under the stars

Stirrup college

Making camp

A grand morning!

Mounted brothers...

Sunrise in the Flint Hills







Copyright 2016 by James Hannon. All rights reserved.