2005 Eastern AMM Territorial Rendezvous

The site of the 2005 AMM Eastern was nestled in amongst the beautiful pine and hardwood forests of Southeastern Missouri.  The Rendezvous Booshway for this event was adamant that an AMM Rendezvous should provide the opportunities to use the skills about which members read, learn and teach to others. The primary focus of this year's camp centered on 11 Rocky Mountain Colleges covering a wide range of topics related to skills that the original mountain men would have used and that pertain to requirements for advancement in some manner within the organization. 

Autumn Lodge

Morning Ride...

"Missouri" Jim & Trade Tent

Women of The Fur Trade

Main Camp

Idaho Brothers & Sisters

Beaver Trapping College

Setting the Trap

Stretching the Deer Hide

Fleshing the Deer Hide

Working the Deer Hide

The Finished Deer Hide

Bead Working College

Beaver Skinning - Opening Cuts

Beaver Skinning College

Hooping the Beaver

Horse Travel College

Horse Packing College

Packing in Brothers

Quill Working College

Early Morning Lodge

Buffalo Skinning

The "Buffalo" Crew!

Buffalo Drying on Racks

Cooking Buffalo Hump Ribs

Fleshing the Buffalo Hide

Relaxing During the Auction

Primitive Snare College

Tracking College

Native Plant Identification

Horsemanship College

Bringing in Horses

Afternoon Ride

A True AMM Rendezvous!

Sunset on Rendezvous







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