Missouri River Brigade

(Missouri - Iowa - Kansas)

Welcome to the website for the Missouri – Iowa - Kansas Brigade of The American Mountain Men (AMM)!

Like many of the old time Rocky Mountain fur companies, the AMM is divided into Brigades and Parties. The Missouri – Iowa - Kansas Brigade has one active party – The Missouri Valley Party – that was chartered in 1981 and is one of the oldest active parties within the AMM. There are currently over 25 members officially listed on the Brigade’s roster. 

The AMM was founded over half a century ago by a small group of independent minded outdoorsman wanting to hone their outdoor/wilderness survival skills.  It did not take them too long to figure out that to become the best possible outdoorsmen they could, they should emulate the clothing, equipment and skills of some of the best Euro-American outdoorsman that this country has ever produced – namely the original American Mountain Men, or mountaineers as they were sometimes called “back then”.  That said, the organization took on a ‘living history’ aspect as well and banned nearly everything modern.  Each man was to outfit himself in gear from the 1800 – 1840 time period, reflecting men in, or moving towards, the Rocky Mountains.

There have been many men that have passed through the Missouri – Iowa - Kansas Brigade over the decades.  Some were black powder shooters, ‘buckskinners’ or re-enactors – but those that have remained active and stayed the course over time generally reflect the heart of the men who longed to see what was over the next mountain or around the next bend in the river.   Coolers, thermal underwear or long-johns, mattresses, modern beverage cans and the like are not welcomed in AMM camps.  The AMM may, in fact, be one of the best living history groups for the mountain men – but it is only by default of the fact that its active members actually step back in time and live the experience. 

Enjoy your visit to our site.  If you’re interested in more information, browse the AMM website   - or contact the Brigade Booswhay listed on the AMM website.   We’re always interested in men who wish to ‘do it right’ and are willing to leave behind the modern conveniences and experience life as it was meant to be – as “Free Individuals and true Sons of the Wilderness”.

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