I started doing the mountain man rendezvous in 1996 and had a lot of camps that i went too until i was getting burned out on setting up a large camp and was ready to give up some camps until i was invited as a guest to go to a AMM Eastern in 2005 in Missouri which i had won the silver cup for best camp and also defended the cup in 2006 as a guest. That rekindled my desire to keep up with the history of the fur trade cause i new that i could do it if i put my mind to it. I started to enjoy getting out on the ground and doing it the way it was back in the mountains in the fur trade. I started as a guest and then a pilgram and became bossloper in 2008.  

 My first AMM national that i went to was in Wy and just to see the men riding into rendezou with ther pack animals in tow was just like they had come out of the pictures shooting and screaming just like i had read about in many book a picture that put tears in my eyes and i knoew that i want to belong to a group that could do it right and i am learn from the best every time i go to camp. So i carry that back into the regular rendezvous and camp just as if i was at a Amm camp and it is suprising to see that a lot of others how use to camp like they had to bring everything including the kitchen sink has gone to a more simple set ups like the mountain man would have camped and i fell good about helping to get some of them started to get out on the ground and enjoy the simple life and a harder life like the men from the past.   

 Keep yur powder dry and watch yur top knot.     

 yur new brother