The following is not about me, its what the AMM means to me.  

 The AMM is the finest organization I have ever been a part of. The members are some of the greatest men I have had the pleasure of knowing. The two most memorable and impressive are Hawk Boughton and Tom Terry.  

 I joined the AMM in 1989. I and proud and privileged to say I am a part of what our organization stands for. The AMM has high standards and strict guidelines. Being a part of this requires a strong will and a "want to" attitude. Achieving the different levels are by no means easy, or to be taken lightly, certainly not for the weekend warrior.  

 But reaching these goals have made us better men, with a greater appreciation and respect for our fore fathers - the original mountain man.  

  The AMM has given me a chance to make memories and experiences I will always carry with me. It is an honor to say I belong to such an organization as this.  

 Many Thanks  

 Jack Martin