My interest in the AMM began in 1972 after reading an article in an Outdoor Life magazine about these crazy guys who tried to live like the mountain men.  

This information was put on the back burner for a long time while I was busy raising a family, building a house and running a small farm as well as a postal carrier. 

In 1995 I attended a rendezvous at Council Bluffs, IA, called the White Catfish Encampment as a trader.  While we were camped there a group of sunburned guys beached their canoes on the Missouri River bank at our camp and while visiting with them, I realized that I wanted to do something a bit more period correct than the regular rendezvous. 

In 1996 I went on my first AMM adventure, a canoe trip through the White Cliffs area of the Missouri River. 

I got my pilgrim papers signed on October 1997 and became Bossloper in 1999.   I have had adventures with the AMM that I would probably never had had if I hadn't become acquainted with this group. 

I have attended many AMM camps and have hosted several party camps and they have all been very rewarding and satisfying.  I'm proud to be a member of the AMM and will do my best to uphold the traditions of our association.  

Your Brother, 

Missouri Jim