The Silver Calumet

The “Silver Calumet” is a hand-carved Catlinite pipe created by a Native American craftsman, in the traditional “Four Winds” style, with silver inlays in each of the four rings on the bowl. The Four Winds are extremely symbolic in Native American spirituality and many of the mountain men would have been familiar with their importance.  

The “Silver Calumet” should be presented during the general camp meeting at each American Mountain Men Western Territorial Rendezvous, to the camp that best meets the defined guidelines.  

It is the responsibility of the current 'keeper' to safeguard the "Silver Calumet" from all harm and to forward the "Silver Calumet" and plaque to the Camp Booshway of the upcoming AMM Western Territorial Rendezvous in time for the next year's presentation - or to the current Brigade Booshway of the Missouri-Iowa-Kansas Brigade.  

Joe S. 1st Winner '09 Western

Silver Calumet - Guidelines